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The dim light overhead gleamed softly back from the shield in his open palm. I'm from headquarters." GRUMBLING anathema at both detectives and criminals alike, the woman drew a jangling bunch of ...



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He was quite sure that he could name that other man--Sam Scarpio. As the most likely place to find what he was seeking, Corrigan went first to the large clothes closet in one corner of the ...



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"So what?" Corrigan saw the dark suspicion in his eyes; saw that beside him Scarpio's finger quivered on the trigger of his ...



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The heavy stock smashed gay dating apps for nokia Scarpio's the dating guy season gun hand with terrific force, sending the automatic in a crazy parabola from his grip. Scarpio staggered backward, ...



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Corrigan edged over, kicked out at Scarpio's fallen automatic, sent it spinning into a far corner of the room. Then with his left hand, while he held the rifle in free gay bear dating the crook of ...



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AN hour later, Detective Corrigan emerged from the district attorney's office down dating man looking for at headquarters. Night had brought little relief from the torrid heat, and he mopped his ...



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"Sweating, eh?" said Ed Tracey, who had been waiting for him in the corridor. You ought to see those two mugs in there." He jerked his thumb at the door of the district attorney's ...



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They gave the young lady the best guest new gay dating app 2016 chamber in the house, a luxurious room right across the hall 1 gaydar dating site from the chamber occupied by ...



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Corda was twenty-one, and beautiful; Bob was za gay dating funny gay dating quotes twenty-four, and handsome. Something was bound to come as a result of their close association. It was a case of ...



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T HE interior of Bob's chamber was almost wholly dark, except for a broad shaft of starlight that slanted in through the window and fell obliquely upon the ...



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She paused a moment, as if probing the interior, then stepped noiselessly into the room, and closed the door behind her. With the light in gay dating modesto the hall shut out, the corner of the ...



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He felt the woman's sensuous warmth, smelled her exotic fragrance-- sensed gay hook up central coast that she was number one gay dating site leaning closer, hovering over him as the embodiment of ...


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