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"Is there not a price for everything?" "How much?" "No money. "The price of my silence is--a word." "A word?" "Yes. A word telling her I desire her greatly--wish her to be my wife." "But"--the ...



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And I know, too, that, loving you, she will gay dating in shillong not relish the thought of your bleeding head grinning down at her from a tall pole, and will therefore marry me, the ...



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Ah--by the Buddha!--I shall always hate you." "You hate me no more gay male dating tips than I hate you," was the answer. "But"--and Foh Wong's big gay comedy sketch show lesbian speed dating eyes ...



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Rickety, this Chinatown; moldy and viscous, not over-clean, smelling distressingly of sewer gas and rotting vegetables and sizzling, rancid fat. Yet a fact to be reckoned with in Gotham's ...



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Therefore, if your sense of humor be faintly oblique, faintly Oriental, in other words, you may derive a certain amusement from the thought of Foh Wong, no longer a coolie but a prosperous New York ...



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For the sake of my love"--more loudly, with a queer triumph in her accents--"I shall marry another!" He sighed. There can be no end to our love, as there was no ...



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Indeed, he was conscious of a keener tang and zest to his passion when he reflected that the other was an aristocrat and he himself a despised mud-turtle; yet his the woman who might have had her ...



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Still, there were moments when he was prey to a certain jealousy. Not jealousy of the flesh--how could that be, with Yang Shen-Li in Pekin and Na Liu so rigidly observing the ...



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Such was the beginning of his odyssey--which was destined to end, ironically, in a sweltering Pell Street garret, with the door locked and the windows gay ltr dating sites tightly shuttered, and an ...



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With every rise in the other's fortunes, Foh Wong's ambition grew. His hate, expressed by his jealousy of material achievement, was not weakened by his own success, although in this thoughts of Na ...



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And--the gravest reason--she had borne him no children. She, on the other hand, had not ceased to be his faithful wife: looking after his bodily comfort, making his home a thing of tidiness and ...



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Heads of Manchus, of foreign oppressors; and among them--doubtless, wrote Na Liu's brother, though it had not been found in the gay dating stratford ontario crimson shambles--the head of Yang ...


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